I just wanted to formally thank you again for the first-rate depositions you did earlier this year in Germany. You handled the difficult depositions with great professionalism and you were always calm under pressure. You clearly know how to work effectively in different cultural settings. Best of all, the transcripts were as accurate as any I have seen even under the best of circumstances. I hope to have the pleasure of working with you again in the future.

Karen L. Dillon – Alschuler Grossman Stein & Kahan LLP

I just wanted to thank you on behalf of myself, Kirkland & Ellis and my client for your time and effort last week in Paris. I understand communication was poor, working conditions were difficult and hours were lengthy. In spite of those negative factors, I regarded your work as outstanding.

James H.M. Sprayregen – Kirkland & Ellis

We had 6 weeks of depos in France with French engineers to do with expedited copy. We heard about Shelle Higgins and hired her to do the job. It was a highly technical case which required an outstanding reporter. Both the attorneys for the plaintiffs and defendants couldn’t have been more pleased with the accurate reporting. It was a pleasure to work with her. Whenever we have depos in Europe, we will call Shelle.

Kevin P. Durkin – Clifford Law, Chicago, IL.

You were the best court reporter for the following reasons: you were helpful to things unrelated to your job; you helped the witnesses feel at ease; you were able to defuse some tense moments in the depos; you were an active reporter and by that I mean you did not just sit there and type, but actually asked questions and commented in ways to make the deposition go smoother and so that we would have a better transcript. Often court reporters will just sit there and not let you know that the transcript is going to be a mess figuring that they are paid by the page, not the quality. You knew your stuff!

Nathan P. Wilcox – Anderson & Karrenberg

Excellent service, friendly and fair prices. Shelle is a gem!

Bob Sacks ™ Sacks, Glazier, Franklin & Lodise LLP in California

A note of thanks for your efforts during our two-day deposition in Paris. It was an interesting adventure, all in all, and I very much appreciate your energy and good humor. I am sure that we will see you again.

William A. Wexler, Senior Vice President – Paribas Properties, Inc.

Just in case no one else said it, I think you did a fabulous job and I will try to refer further business to you.

Michael R. Newman – Daar & Newman