Certified Interpreters for your depositions in Europe.

Certified Interpreters – Consecutive, Simultaneous or translations. European Court Reporting provides interpreters who are conversant in all technical domains either through consecutive or simultaneous interpreting.

Consecutive means that the interpreter takes notes while one person speaks and just after the speaker finishes, the interpreter then interprets in full what was said. Simultaneous or real-time interpreting requires the use of an interpreters’ booth or some sort of mobile interpreting equipment, and the interpreter(s) speak at the same time as the speaker with participants listening through headsets. Translations are just written documents in the desired language.

Do not get confused between an interpreter and a translator. I hear these used interchangeably; however, they are very different fields. An interpreter is someone who orally interprets from one language into another. A translator is someone who deals with the written words; i.e., dealing only with documents or written materials.

Also, make sure to provide as much background material as possible; including glossaries, the complaint, technical data, terms of reference and any other related documents pertinent to the case in a sufficient amount of time before the deposition takes place. This will ensure consistency in the terminology and allow the interpreter(s) to be familiar with the parties as well as the specifics of the case. Their having the necessary documentation will allow them to perform their job adequately and professionally by knowing the terminology and facts beforehand and at the same time save you time and money by producing a good end product. A good interpreter does not just translate the words from one language to another. A good interpreter is highly skilled at conveying your thoughts and transferring that idea formulated into the framework of another culture.

Finding the right interpreter for the job can sometimes be daunting for a person, so why not let European Court Reporting help you overcome some of the challenges of cross-culture depositions by relying on their experience and database of interpreters.

Interpreting is both a skill and an art and European Court Reporting will provide you with the right interpreter(s) for your depositions in Europe.