Certified Shorthand Reporters for your depositions in Europe.

Court Reporters in Europe for verbatim reports of speeches, depositions, trials, hearings, arbitrations, expert testimony, telephonic depositions, witness statements, written questions, meetings and more throughout France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Turkey, Morocco, Russia, United Kingdom and other European countries. European Court Reporting offers court reporters in Europe who are well versed in many languages, providing accurate and timely transcript production as well as having a professional demeanor. American court reporters in France and surrounding countries available for the English language, as well as European reporters for the other required languages (Italian, French, German, Spanish…) The next time you are doing depositions in Europe, look no further for we are the court reporters in Europe for your needs.

Real-time Reporting instantly displays the transcript text on your laptop computer as the reporter is writing. Therefore, allowing you to highlight certain areas, make notations, etc., for easy reference.

Full-Sized Transcripts are printed for the Original and copies, along with the reporter’s certification page attached. ASCIIs may be sent via e-mail quickly and easily at any time and are compatible with most litigation support software.

Condensed/Mini Printed Transcripts displays four transcript pages on one sheet. Making a cumbersome full-sized transcript more compact and lighter to carry in your briefcase.

Secure Electronic Transcript Delivery (E-Transcript™), which allows you to receive transcripts via e-mail in an easy-to-use and secure way. See the entire transcript with its word index. It also allows you to do word searches throughout the entire file.

Quick Turnaround Time or Expedited – Transcripts are delivered on a specified date, which is usually 10 days or less. Copies of transcripts can also be provided in ASCII form via e-mail transmission to addresses around the world.

PDF – electronic pdf files in regular size or condensed

Rough Drafts – Because court reporters have the unique and amazing skill of writing the spoken word in realtime, one of the services a court reporter may provide is a rough draft transcript which is the unedited version of the transcript before it gets finalized and certified.  This rough draft, however, may not be cited or used in any way or at any time to rebut or contradict the certified transcript.